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Think You Can Figure Out Who Said What In Family Guy?


As far as endlessly quotable TV shows go, there aren’t many better than Seth MacFarlane’s lewd, crude and very rude Family Guy. Currently sitting at 287 episodes, from 15 seasons, the show is an American institution at this point. Hilarious and/or offensive quotes from characters like Peter, Stewie, Quagmire and Brian have entered the cultural lexicon since the show debuted in 1999, and it’s probably second only to The Simpsons in terms of animated shows on primetime TV.

These days it’s hard to believe that there was a time when, in 2002, after three seasons, Fox cancelled Family Guy due to low ratings! It took the massive sales success of the DVD boxsets of the show and fans campaigning for it to make a return for Fox to see the light, and in 2005 the show came back on the air, where it still remains to this day.

This quiz is for the true Family Guy fans out there. The ones who know their Mort Goldman’s from their Joe Swanson’s; the ones who can name every Stewie/Brian team-up episode; and the ones who can regurgitate the most politically incorrect Peter Griffin quotes on command. Family Guy has a litany of hilarious main and supporting characters, and they’ve all said a hell of a lot of gut-busting things over the years, many of which are part of this very quiz!

Good luck!

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