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Think You Could Be On Grey’s Anatomy? Take Our Quiz On The Human Body!


Do you think you could manage as an extra on Grey’s Anatomy? Do you watch enough medical shows to actually believe you could be a doctor? The human body is a complex system and there are even parts of it that we still don’t fully understand. So what makes you think you know the human body? There’s a lot to our human bodies. Do you know all the body systems and how they work? Can you name every bone in the body? Okay, we won’t be that tough with this quiz. Don’t worry.

Expect a few challenging questions to come up, but we’re hoping you’ll be able to get the majority of these pretty quickly and easily. We’d like to think that most people have a basic understanding of anatomy and how the body works. You might not know the details of every system and its function, but that’s okay. We just hope you have a general understanding of how the body works. We’ve also thrown in some questions about diseases but we’re hoping those are simple too. Remember that there are a lot of myths out there regarding our bodies. A lot of us carry around misinformation and think it’s correct. Even if you get a few of these wrong, we hope you’ll learn something.

Knowledge is power! Especially when it comes to your body. The more you know, the better you can take care of it. Let’s see how body conscious you are after all. Good luck!

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