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The Ultimate Teen Movie Quiz


Remember back in the day? The Blockbuster days, before everyone decided to “Redbox and Chill”? Back when wanting to hang out with your friends meant riding your bike to their house and having actual conversation instead of sending text messages. The good ol’ days, is what I like to call them. Britney Spears had did it again and Justin Timberlake rocked the curly fro, starting a trend amongst teenage boys (and girls). Or even a little further back before the disbandment of Woodstock. Okay, not the original Woodstock but maybe one of the several remakes in the 90s and early 2000s. Kids were too cool for school and everyone was raising the roof. Good times, good times.

But the best parts of these days were the timeless movies we got out of them. Who could forget the beef between the Toros and the Clovers from Bring It On, or the famous pie scene from American Pie? These classics not only made us laugh until it hurt, but they also shaped the culture of the teenage world we lived in. Crop tops and backwards hats were the style, and every conversation was “like OMG” or “I was a dude, he was a dude, she was a dude because you know, we were all dudes.” So in honor of the nostalgia you must feel by now, here is the ULTIMATE teen movie quiz to see how much you know (or think you know) about our favorite teen movies.

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