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Only A True Pizza Lover Will Be Able To Pass This Quiz


Pizza, probably the smartest food creation of all time. Dough, tomato sauce, and cheese. What could go wrong? It’s pretty hard to find someone who doesn’t like this delicious dish. Anyone who sticks their nose up at pizza should be distrusted immediately. Who doesn’t love cheese and dough? If that’s you, you might want to turn back and try your hand at another food-related quiz.

You’re about to find out how much you actually love pizza pie. The questions aren’t just about pizza history and facts. We’ve thrown in some questions where you’ll have to identify pizzas and remember pizza-themed scenes from TV show episodes and movies. This isn’t a drill. If you manage to get more than 20/25, that will be proof that you’re a real pizza lover.

We bet that you’ll come away from the quiz a little more than hungry. We don’t suggest taking this pizza test on an empty stomach. You will end up ordering a large pizza all for yourself. You will be embarrassed when you pay the delivery guy because you know he knows you’re alone. But you’ll also finish knowing you’re a pizza expert. That’s really all that matters. Also, pizza. Pizza matters.

Share your results with your friends on social media too. Make a bet that whoever gets the lowest score pays for the next pizza delivery when you’re altogether. Good luck!

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