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Star Wars Trivia: Can You Score 50/50 On This Quiz?


Who would’ve thought that a quirky sci-fi movie in the 70’s would explode into one of the biggest franchises of all time?

Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon. Because of how popular it is, the creators of the series have taken the liberty of expanding its universe. From that one movie, we’ve been given amazing stories from all different eras. This has led to people continuously loving this franchise, even past the much-maligned prequel trilogy.

Nowadays, Star Wars is more popular than ever. The Force Awakens has brought back the series to its roots, Rogue One defined what anthology films in the series could be, and The Last Jedi is one of the most talked about films of 2017. No doubt that theaters are going to have a hard time keeping seats open for people to watch the film.

With all of these stories, movies, and games, there remains one single question: how big is the Star Wars universe? The short answer is that it’s always growing, despite the wealth of information we already have. Our personal question is this: how much of it do you know?

Are you a true Star Wars fan? Get ready for the biggest challenge of the galaxy.

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