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Real Or Fake: Is This A Celebrity Or Their Wax Figure?


Celebrities have always been a huge obsession of us common folk. In many ways, they’re like the gods of today. Instead of worshiping goddesses like Aphrodite or Athena, we worship Jennifer Lawrence and Angelina Jolie. Instead of talking about how Zeus just threw some thunderbolts down from the sky, we talk about the latest comments from Donald Trump. This is because humans have always needed people to idolize. We have this way of thinking that requires us to put a lot of importance on certain people that we see as above ourselves. Many people have commented that politics in particular has replaced religion for some, and serves exactly the same purpose.

Just like how we built statues and temples to venerate the gods of old, today we pay homage to our Hollywood idols with something very similar – wax figures. These wax figures often hold a very special importance for many people who come to see them. For the first time, they are able to walk up and touch their favorite celebrities – planting a kiss on their cheek or running their hands through the wax figure’s hair. Some people travel many miles to “worship” these wax figures.

But there’s something very strange about how these wax figures look. They almost look a little too real. Looking at them can be a little spooky and unsettling even… If you really think about it, constructing these figures is a pretty weird practice. But it’s become very normal today. Having a wax figure made is even seen as a sign that a celebrity has really “made it” in show business. But can you tell whether these are real celebrities or just fake wax figures? Test your skills below…

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