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How Well Do You Know The Dunphy Family From Modern Family?


The Dunphy clan of ABC’s Modern Family is pretty much the epitome of the average American family. Claire and Phil Dunphy lead as the parental figures (even though their now teenage children never find it difficult to outsmart them on the regular). They display family dynamics that are pretty hilarious and that every family can relate to; even if they do not have the same makeup as the Dunphy clan. They have had so many amazing moments from the youngest trying to convince Phil to conquer his fear and walk across a tight rope, to their interactions with Claire’s parents,The Pritchetts. The Dunphys and Pritchetts are the main families featured on the mega popular series. And each of them have their own setup, with Claire’s father being married to a much younger Hispanic woman, Gloria Pritchett, and taking in her son Manny, as well as Claire’s brother, Mitchell and his longtime boyfriend turned husband, Cameron, being main characters.

Claire and Phil display great family values as they consistently try to be known as the “cool parents” and fit in with their children who are clearly growing up and would rather be on social media than have any type of conversation with them. But what family can’t relate to that? The Dunphys are surely a fan favorites on Modern Family, which raises the question, how well do viewers really know them? From subtle facts that have been revealed in conversation to things that are mentioned multiple times, there isn’t much of a mystery when it comes to their history, present, and future. Take the quiz to see how well you know the Dunphy family!

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