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Pop Culture Mega Quiz: Who’s Got More Wins?


Everything in America is a competition. Vince Lombardi once famously said, “Winning isn’t everything but it’s the only thing. ” So, as Americans, we can’t just be satisfied that our favourite actor won “Best actor in a leading role”. He needs to be the best actor of ALL TIME!

Sports fans are even worse. How many hours each year are devoted to barroom arguments over which quarterback is the best ever? Is it the guy who threw the most touchdowns? Or is it the QB who piloted his team to the most championships? Therefore, we must keep count of everything. From which singer won a Grammy before the age of 20 to which baseball player hit the most doubles at home with one out against left handed pitchers chewing strawberry flavoured gum.

This quiz is quite random. The questions are not necessarily about the people/things which have the most or highest score in a category, just more than the other choice. There are four categories: Movies, Sports, Television and Music. The topics cover a fairly wide range of subjects and time periods, so it is our hope that there is something for everyone.

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