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Only A True Car Lover Can Name These Classic American Cars


Alright, gear heads–and you know who you are. Do you go to sleep at night dreaming of the rumbling thunder of a big block 409, with the high-lift cam and solid lifters? If you do, this quiz is for you. Nothing beats the power, style, and badassery of classic American metal.

Detroit was turning out popular, reliable and gorgeous automobiles for decades before WWII. The original formula was mostly one of solid transportation and affordability. Heavy frames and axles as well as all metal chassis made them incredibly durable machines, but also made them guzzle fuel and difficult to work on. Their massive girth and narrow wheels and tires made them very susceptible to sinking into any soft surface. Some questions on those early models are in here.

After the big war, however, the economy went crazy and Americans began to want sleek looks, comfort and, most of all, power to lay some scratch. Manufacturers responded with some of the most iconic machinery the world has ever known. From little-known brands that have long since folded to the Big 3 of Chevy, Ford, and Chrysler, muscle became something you didn’t just see at the beach. Presented here are questions about some of everything. We’ll start out easy and graduate to a few machines that probably only the most devoted of autophiles will recognize. But that’s the great thing about American cars. Even if you don’t know what to call them, they’re still beautiful and make us proud of living in a country where such imagination and innovation can prosper.

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