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MLB: Who Holds The Records


Alright. This quiz is not for casual baseball fans. This is for hard-core, life begins on opening day, watch your team’s every game, wear your classic jersey to the stadium baseball geeks. Baseball fans love their stats and records. Let’s see if you know who holds the majority of the prominent ones. The problem with baseball records is that one might be held by a guy who you saw play on television a few years ago and another held by someone who you’ve only seen in faded black and white photos. Lots of fans know Joe DiMaggio set a record for hitting in 56 straight games in 1941. Far fewer know whose record he broke.

This quiz will start off easy and get progressively harder. If you can answer more than half without cheating and consulting or The Macmillan Baseball Encyclopedia, you’re doing pretty well. It will concentrate on only the leaders in the most widely known and used statistical categories, as well as some of the better known single game achievements. So, there are no questions about the relatively new sabermetric stats like WAR or BABIP. However, if you actually know what those acronyms stand for, you have a better shot at doing well on the quiz. Note that all records are from the World Series era, meaning from 1903 to the present. Do not look to the photos for help as the answers are not there. And unfortunately, adequate records don’t exist for the Negro Leagues so the answers are from the recognized Major Leagues only.  Good luck.

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