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Match These Screenshots To The Famous Film


Films are like music, in the sense that I cannot understand human beings who say they aren’t bothered about them. How do you get by in life not being interested in such a prolific form of art? It boggles the mind! However, I also can’t understand human beings with an almost superhuman knowledge of film either.

If you’re out there, you know who you are. We’re talking about people who can name a film from sixty years ago just based on the opening line, or know exactly what indie films are coming out this month, who they’re by and why we should all be watching them. I respect this level of passion, but books and music will always win over the art of film I’m afraid.

Is my ignorance towards filmmaking getting you angry? Are you one of the superhuman beings that I can’t understand? I think it’s time that you put your money where your mouth is. Now you finally have the chance to prove that you’re the film buff you always say you are. This is an extensive list, so if you can get everything, I’m pretty sure that anybody would be happy to label you a huge film fan.

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