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Match These Sexy Vixens To Their Video Game Series


Video games are not a well-respected medium in this world. People look upon them as something below the rest of the cultural world, in a similar way people judge graphic novels. It seems we’re at a crossroads where we can continue the same way, or attempt to change the reasons that games are seen as lesser. One of the many reasons for this is the immature way it portrays sex and sexualized characters.

To this day, advertisers consider games to be a male dominated medium, despite there being very little evidence to back this up. Regardless, they continue to fill games with the sort of regressive attitudes towards sexuality that they think will have young men going out to buy it in droves. While this doesn’t work, they continue to persevere, which not only alienates the female players but also continues to cement in the minds of non-gamers that video games are an immature medium.

This mentality towards video games has left most series with at least one sexy female character if not an entire gang of them. Have you played enough games in your time to pair the sexy characters with their video game franchise? It’s about time to find out if you spent way too much time when you were younger playing games just for the women!

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