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Can You Guess Which Video Game Character Belongs To Which Game?


Ever since technology allowed us to arrange coloured pixels into a full shape, video game creators have tried to come up with memorable powers. Even before home consoles, arcades allowed us such indelible creations as Pac Man, Donkey Kong, and whatever the hell a Qbert is. Such characters are not only a part of video game history, they’re still a draw to this day – particularly Donkey Kong, who has transformed from princess-molesting villain to hero of his own series.

As technology has allowed for more complex stories to be created, more visually stunning, leaving less to the imagination, their characters have only gotten richer. Their histories fill pages on Wikipedia entries, they inspire fanfiction novels and slash-fiction you don’t even want to imagine.

For every successful franchise launch – every Sonic, Mario, Splinter Cell – there are dozens of misfires. The Banjo Kazooies and Turoks are left behind on consoles, awaiting a hopefully successful reboot. The worst reboots are met with gamer’s hostility; a kind of hostility you never want to experience. If gamergate proved anything, the wrath of the gamer is a cruel, immature, vicious void from which few ever escape. Those 14-year-olds calling you names on Xbox Live have a vocabulary well beyond their years.

So, to avoid such a nightmare, just to be safe, it might be wise to take this quiz. Let’s see how well you truly know your gaming characters – from the obscure to the obvious. Good luck, and should you fail, abstain from conversations with uber geeks.

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