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Match The Hot Nurse To The Movie/TV Show


Hot nurses are a welcome addition to any movie or TV show. There is something undeniably hot about the whole concept of a young female nurse. It’s hard to pin down exactly what makes it so sexy. Is it the uniform? In past eras, the nurse uniform involved a short skirt and stockings, complete with that characteristic nurse hat. Nowadays, the uniform has changed into something much less sexist – nurses typically wear plain medical pants and shirts. There’s also the fact that there are plenty of male nurses these days, and it’s not a female dominated profession anymore. But despite the nursing profession becoming a lot more equally pursued by both sexes, and the fact that their uniforms have become less sexy and less misogynistic, there continues to be a fascination and a fetishization of nurses among many men. Why is that?

The answer probably has something to do with the Florence Nightingale Effect. While this psychological effect usually refers to nurses falling in love with their patients, it can happen the other way as well, with patients falling in love with their nurses. It was named after a nurse who treated her patients with kindness and thoughtfulness, which was misconstrued as love by many people. So there is this deep psychological tendency within us to associate nurses, or generally people who are caring for us, with romantic feelings.

This is something that television shows and movie makers know all too well, and “hot nurses” are a common addition to many of these forms of media in order to spice up the story. But how big of an impression did these nurse characters make on you? Was it enough to match them up correctly to each television show and movie they belong to? Find out by taking this quiz.


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