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Match The Hot Lawyer To The Movie/TV Show


Nothing is hotter than a woman in business attire. Especially when that woman is a trained professional, and dominant in her career. Hot lawyers are somewhat of a rarity in movies and television, but when they show up they certainly make their mark. With their hair tied back, their tight blouse buttoned up, and their pencil skirt showing just enough of her curves to make it sexy, hot lawyers can turn a terrible film into a great one. The fascination with lawyers is similar to the fetish we have with librarians; it’s that age-old fantasy of the nerdy girl with glasses who secretly has a wild and flirtatious side when you get her alone.

This is something producers and directors have clearly tapped into, as whenever they include a lawyer in their movies or television shows, she’s usually smoking hot. Another thing that makes female lawyers hot is the whole “female dominance” thing. Sometimes it’s pretty sexy watching a girl take control of a serious situation like a court room, putting people in their place, and fiercely interrogating suspects. There’s something erotic about having your fate put in the hands of a woman.

So how closely were you paying attention when these professional vixens graced the screen? Did you take note of which movie or show they were in? I hope you did, because that’s exactly what this quiz is all about.

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