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Match The Hot Female Doctor To The TV Show


There are an astonishing number of medical television shows currently on air, and that have aired in the past. Every kind of show from soap operas (like General Hospital) to dramas (like Grey’s Anatomy) to comedies (like Scrubs) to talk shows (like The Doctors) have dabbled in the medical genre, because clinics and hospitals offer such an interesting setting for all kinds of different stories to unfold. Think about it: as humans, we will all need medical care at some point in our lives, and therefore a hospital brings together people from all walks of life, for all sorts of reasons. It is the perfect place for drama, which is what keeps people watching every week (and binge-watching later on when your favorite medical show is over).

Dozens upon dozens of shows over the last several decades have experimented with this sub-genre of entertainment, sometimes successfully, and often not. And although they’re all quite different from each other, there is one thing many, if not most, shows have in common: at least one pretty doctor. Attractive females are no stranger to medical shows, and even wearing scrubs or a white lab coat, these actresses look hot.

In this quiz, we’ll revisit some of your favorite hot doctors on some of the best medical shows from the past and present. How well did you pay attention to those shows? If you were someone who mostly paid attention to the pretty girls who were the stars of them, you will probably do well on this quiz. But even if you actually focused on the storyline, you may remember more than you think. Give it a shot (get it?)!

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