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Match The Floor Plan To The Sitcom


Thanks to online streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, we get to binge watch our favorite sitcoms from back in the day whenever we want. But how well do you really know the main set that was the home of the television show? You might recognize the bedroom, the kitchen, and even the outside of the famous home. Most of us can point out the house that belongs to the Tanner family from Full House or the place where Rory and Lorelai laid their heads at night on Gilmore Girls. You might even be able to label the backyard from Home Improvement where the Taylor family always received wise advice from their mysterious neighbor. But when it comes to the detailed floor plans and blueprint drawings, can you pick out which one belongs to which television show? Are you able to recognize the place where one of the characters had their first kiss, or where another might have nearly burned down the entire home altogether? It’s safe to say we can all relate to major moments that happened in these homes. After all, that’s partially what caused us to be hooked to many of these shows to begin with. Still, unless you are an extreme super fan, it’s certainly a challenge to try to recognize the details of the home that we have easily seen thousands of times. But you might know more than you think. So, take the quiz to find out if you can match the sitcom with its floor plan. Good luck!

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