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Match The Character With The Bill Murray Movie


Since his heyday on SNL and film success in the 80s, Bill Murray has emerged as some kind of Hollywood imp, granting fans wishes they never knew they made. Stories of varying levels of fact have found Murray stealing food from fast food patrons, showing up at house parties to do the host’s dishes, Googling himself on laptops the owners carelessly left unattended at Starbucks, and crashing wedding engagement photos. All of these events have happened, and the only words he ever speaks to the fan/victim, with a devilish lilt, are “No one will ever believe you.”

That’s a long way to go from reports in the 90s – when his career and romantic life were in a slump – in which he wore invisible man-style bandages over his face to hide. He also accepts roles in films with the same carefree approach. Paul Feig had never spoken to Murray in person or on the phone about his cameo in the Ghostbusters reboot. They were concerned about whether they needed to recast it, as calling Murray for a role usually involves leaving a voicemail on an ominous answering machine. Rather, Murray just showed up on set one day.

He’s taken to his second career – which began after his mature, heartbreaking performance in Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation – like a teenager takes to rebellion; embracing it and fully exploiting it to serve his cockeyed worldview. In Murray’s case, that view is one giant playground we just all happen to be living in.

Since his film career began, he’s taken roles that are challenging, amusing, or clearly for the paycheck. And he’s never been an unwelcome presence. So how well do you know Bill Murray’s filmography? Take the quiz and find out.

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