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Match The Celebrity To Their Crazy Demands


We all know that becoming a celebrity can go to people’s head. Something about fame just makes people crazy. They might have started out as normal people, but once they start reading their name in the headlines, and they begin to rake in the big bucks, it can really inflate their ego. We’ve seen it before with countless people. When they start off they are humble and down-to-earth, and then once they get a little bit of media attention suddenly they’re the greatest thing that ever happened since sliced bread. These characteristics are perhaps best summed up by the ridiculous demands celebrities make.

This has become somewhat of a trend among celebrities. They know that a movie or television show will do anything to get them to sign on the project, so they start making completely ridiculous demands. Some of these are huge requests, the kind that cost insane amounts of money to fulfill. Others are smaller, but seem to be just as insane. As much as we ridicule celebrities for making these demands, I think we all secretly fantasize about how cool it would be to be in their shoes, and be able to ask for pretty much anything we want.

These crazy requests made by celebrities have certainly made the headlines over the years. But did they make an impression on you when you heard about them, or did you merely dismiss them, forgetting all about this news? This quiz will test your knowledge of just how crazy celebrities can get when they feel like they can ask for anything in the whole wide world.

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