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Match The Bruce Willis Character With The Movie


How do you like your Bruce Willis? Do you prefer him the removed, smirking jerk who has no problem needlessly endangering lives to capture his bad guy? Or do you like him vulnerable and flawed, an action hero who bleeds up against an intimidating number of foes and roadblocks? Maybe, and this is deeply unlikely, you prefer him as a romantic lead, something he tried a few times before deciding to stick with action.

There’s a story about Willis’ iconic performance in Die Hard. Reportedly, the scene in which he must retreat to a bathroom to pick broken glass out of his feet before going back into the fight was entirely improvised. If you don’t remember, it’s the scene where he tells his friend on the outside what he’d like his wife to know should he not make it out of Nakatomi Plaza alive. It was upon learning that it was improvised that Terry Gilliam saw his vulnerability and cast him as the confused time traveller in 12 Monkeys.

So there’s more to Willis than just a gun-toting, one-liner generating machine, but how much more? The answer is complicated. Every time he delivers a good performance, there are a series of others in which he looks plain bored. He even betrayed the first three Die Hard films with the last two sequels, transforming the weak, often defenseless John McClane into a bald Terminator. In the end, a lot of Willis’ work can be attributed to careful image-handling.

So how well do you know Willis’ work? Take the quiz to find out.

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