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Match The Book With The Film Adaptation


The title of a film is the first in a long process of marketing it. It begins at the script stage – you need something that grabs the attention of the script reader, who is usually just a page boy for an executive at the studio. Or, if you’re working on an independent project, it’s the first thing that sells the concept to backers.

This process becomes even more complex when the script in question is based off a book.  Typically, if it’s popular book, the title survives the transition from book to screen.  Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire tried to have it both ways, creating a long running, and still funny, joke about Lee Daniels’ films.

But other films are comfortable enough to be their own work.  Either the title of the source material no longer felt relevant or it was just plain bad.  As a result, there are numerous films out there – many of them famous – whose source material has fallen by the wayside. The only acknowledgement of the original work is a brief credit at the beginning or end largely ignored by the mass populace.

But there are some moviegoers who actively seek out the original work, either due to obsessive geekiness or curiosity.  The changes from page to screen can often be drastic; entire subplots deleted, or several characters streamlined into one.  Or, as is the case with several of Ian Fleming’s Bond novels, Hollywood can simply use the title and create an entirely separate plot.

So how well do you know your film/lit crossover trivia?  Find out here.

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