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Match The American Horror Story Death To The Season


American Horror Story has gained immense popularity since its beginnings all the way back in 2011 with its opening season, which was dubbed by fans posthumorously as “Murder House.” And this show’s popularity is extremely well-deserved. It’s simply a uniquely awesome show, and people are often at a loss for words after they see their first episode of American Horror Story. It’s just that good.

But don’t take their word for it, or even mine – the show and its actors have won multiple awards, with stars like Jessica Lange and even Lady Gaga herself winning Golden Globes for their performances. Part of what makes this show so fresh is that everything switches at the turn of every new season – new actors (though with a lot of the same faces, too), a new story line, and a new location. Because of this, it makes it pretty hard to remember which characters popped up in what season.

That’s part of what this test is about, but for some American Horror Story fans, that’s just a little too simple. So we added another element, and this quiz will not only quiz you on matching characters to seasons, it will also quiz you on matching the deaths of those characters to the various seasons. Because let’s face it, the deaths are another thing that make the show one of the best on television right now. They’re usually grim, gory, brutal, and hopefully for your sake, memorable.

So how well will you fare? Are you a real American Horror Story fan? Or are you just a poser? Take this ultimate test and share the results with your friends.


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