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Marvel Or DC: Which Character Appeared First?


For many generations, comic books have been a big part of our lives. The stories within these pages have excited us, entertained us, and sometimes shocked and stunned us. These stories featured the adventures of superpowered beings that inhabit worlds where anything is possible and if you are good you will be rewarded and honored as the hero, and if you are bad then you will always get your comeuppance. The popularity is not just thanks to excitement, but also escapism as we get the chance to live in a world that is fair and just, where the good guys always win.

With the recent explosion of comic book adaptations on the movie screens and on our TVs, comic books and superheroes have never been bigger and more popular. The two big hitters of this world are Marvel and DC. The two rival companies have been battling it out for the top spot for years. But how well do you know them?

Take our ultimate comic book character quiz and answer this simple question: Which of these characters came first? The Marvel character or the DC character? Good Luck.

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