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Is This A Real Reality Show?


The rise of reality television has been one of the major developments of the last few decades when it comes to the entertainment industry. It started off small with shows like Survivor and Big Brother, but slowly spiralled further into more and more ridiculous ideas. Today, the genre is filled with such weird shows that it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s a joke. Producers are pushing the genre further and further, stretching moral boundaries to their limits. Indeed, often these shows are accused of going way too far.

But if things keep going the way they’re going, reality television will be even more insane within a few years. Is this really entertainment? Or have we taken things way too far? With some of the reality shows that are coming out these days, it’s easy to see how far we’ve descended into degeneracy. It’s baffling how these things are even allowed. This is even more of the case in countries outside of the US. They seem to have a different set of rules than their western counterparts, and they tend to push things further than we do, and that’s saying something.

It’s gotten to the point where truth is stranger than fiction. And if I was to make up a reality television show and ask you if it was real, you’d probably struggle to answer. On the other hand, if I asked you if some of the real reality shows were real, you’d probably think they were fake because of how ridiculous they sound. So this is shaping up to be a very difficult quiz! Still, even if you fail miserably, you’re probably going to laugh at how crazy these shows are.

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