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Is This A Man Or A Woman?


“Androgynous” is defined by Merriam-Webster as a person “having both male and female characteristics or qualities”. I am sure we all know a few people like this, either girls who look boyish, or boys with feminine traits. In recent years, there has been a slew of magazine and online articles about celebs who have androgynous features, and for the most part, these articles praise the stars for their unique set of facial characteristics that place them in the androgynous category. Lists like “8 Stunningly Beautiful Androgynous Models” and “12 Celebrities Who Are Gorgeously Androgynous” have popped up everywhere it seems, especially with the rise of gender fluidity and other relatively new terms for identifying oneself in our culture.

But it is not only the famous who can possess a girlish handsomeness or a boyish beauty; anyone can. Therefore, I bring you this quiz of the famous and the average Joe to put your eye to the test. Are these photos of masculine women, or are they photos of feminine men? You tell me.

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