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How Well Do You Remember Your 90s Scandals?


What’s more interesting than adultery, dismemberment, fraud and mass killings? Ah, the decade of the 90s had it all. It seems like you couldn’t turn on the TV without some sensational report about an act or acts committed by some cynical, angry or downright insane people. This decade made household names out of people who were otherwise not noteworthy. In an age where every house didn’t have 250 station cable television nor the internet, TV “news” shows like Hard Copy and Inside Edition filled our afternoons and evenings with fantastic tales of strange people who did crazy things.

And it seemed like just as one big story went away or cooled, another would pop up, just as unbelievable and full of speculation and innuendo. A celebrity gets accused of double murder and after the shock of the trial, everything dies down. Here are some questions about names and situations which used to be talked about daily, but now, we’ve likely forgotten.

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