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How Well Do You Remember Space Jam?


Believe it or not, 1996’s Space Jam is the most successful basketball film of all time. It did better than Coach Carter, Hoosiers, and The Basketball Diaries.

The film is a mixed action film between live actors and animation. The animated characters are from the Looney Tunes genre and include among them; Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety Bird, Sylvester, and many more popular cartoon characters that we all grew up on.

Michael Jordan, one of the greatest professional basketball players of all time, is the star player of the movie. The soundtrack reached an overwhelming six-time platinum status, partly due to R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly.”

Recent rumors began circulating around the Internet about a sequel to Space Jam. A 2019 release date would put it at about 23 years after the original film. LeBron James is reported to be the star player in the film. While Michael Jordan is too old now, luckily Bugs Bunny & pals haven’t aged a bit.

We have put together this fun little quiz for you to see; How Well Do You Remember Space Jam?

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