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How Well Do You Remember Daria?


Remember that cartoon way back in the 90s called Daria? Of course you do. Who could forget it? If you were one of those kids who watched MTV back in the day (and who didn’t watch MTV), you pretty much grew up with Daria. And as far as cartoons go, this one was pretty special. This show centers around a girl named (you guessed it) Daria, who is very intelligent. She makes witty observations about the world around her, and it’s these observations that give the show its comedic value.

Why was Daria such a popular, loved figure for those who were growing up in the 90s? The answer is very simple. She was a misfit. She was the kind of person you’d least expect to be a hero, and that’s what made her so interesting. Everyone can relate to Daria. This is because Daria feels that no one can relate to her…which is something everyone felt in high school. She taught us that is was okay if you didn’t fit in. That you could still enjoy the strangeness of life without assimilating into the mindless mainstream culture that so many teens fall into.

Now it’s time to test you on your knowledge of Daria. Were you one of those people who watched the show religiously? Have you rewatched it over and over in the years since? Or did you just watch it from time to time? Either way, I’m pretty sure I’ve thrown enough curveballs into the quiz to catch even the biggest Daria fans off guard. Do you think you’ve got what it takes? Only one way to find out: Take the quiz below.

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