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How Well Do You Know Your X-Men Movie Characters?


Although there are a number of similarities between superheroes and mutants within the X-Men universe, there are far more differences. While superheroes seem to be pulled in a certain direction in order to save the world and make it a better place, the characters in the X-Men universe are a product of a burst of evolution where the human genes mutate in order to give them particular abilities and characteristics. There are some X-Men characters that have had a bit of help or accidents in life that caused their abilities to emerge or evolve but the majority of them have been born with abilities that are similar to a standard superhero.

Yet, one huge difference between superheroes and mutants is the alter ego aspect of the characters. Superheroes are forced to hide their true identity from the world, in order to protect themselves and their loved ones. There are some mutants that have tried to hide their abilities from the world, like Jean Grey or Angel (before his wings grew too large for him to cut off). However, with the world evolving to the point where there seemed to be an equal amount of mutants and humans encompassing the planet, there was no more real need to hide in the shadows. This is especially true since there was always a constant war between humans and mutants. While you may be familiar with the mutant names the X-Men characters have adopted in order to show off their abilities, it might be surprising how many of their real names you’d find it difficult to recall. Check out our quiz on the real names of these X-Men comic book characters and see how many you can get correct.

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