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How Well Do You Know Your Wrestling Finishers?


A wrestler’s finishing move is one of the most important facets of their personality. Without a proper and distinguishable finisher, a wrestler would have a much harder time in setting themselves apart from their peers.

A finisher is also important because it signals to the audience that a match is about to end. Without a proper and decisive finisher, a match’s ending, which is usually the most important moment, might not be as dramatic or memorable.

Of course, the use of finishers has evolved over time. Nowadays, when a wrestler executes their trademark finisher, there’s a good chance it’ll get kicked out of once or twice, before being used successfully in the end. What’s more, many wrestlers adopt secondary or tertiary finishers in case their first one doesn’t work.

Many fans watch wrestling just to see the wrestling moves they love. The Stone Cold Stunner, the Rock Bottom, The Pedigree, the F-5 and the Tombstone, are a handful of these moves that fans want to see executed. These moves are among the rare few that have transcended the confines of the wrestling fandom and have entered popular culture.

But there’s a lot about these wrestling finishers and many others that you might not know about. If you think you know a lot about wrestling and its storied past, try your luck with this quiz on some of the greatest finishers of all time.

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