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How Well Do You Know Your Wrestling?


Pro wrestling is an art form with a rich and storied history. Over the decades it has walked the fine line between sport and entertainment, eventually becoming the odd hybrid of live theater it is today.

Some people that might not have seen a wrestling match before might not know how to react to it when they see it for the first time. After all, it’s an odd hybrid of choreographed violence mixed in with storytelling, with the slightest mistake having potentially fatal consequences.

So should that fan look at some of the most exciting wrestling matches in history, like the ones that’ll be asked about in this quiz, and try and enjoy the athleticism? Or should they look at some of the dumber wrestling matches involving non-wrestlers and laugh at the absurdity of an untrained wrestler fighting someone that isn’t trained at all?

In truth, wrestling is full of contradictions and quirks that make it a niche form of entertainment. Because of that variety, wrestling is also full of major achievers and great historic moments that are worthy of being remembered forever.

The big question to be asked, then, is, how well do you know your wrestlers?

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