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How Well Do You Know Your Favorite WWE Divas?


WWE may have just recently been undergoing a women’s revolution, but the truth is, females have been getting involved with professional wrestling pretty much from the day sports entertainment was invented. Often as memorable for their unforgettable looks as their unique performances in the ring, the women of WWE have been spicing up the wrestling action for decades now, even if they’ve only now begun to receive the respect and attention they deserve.

That doesn’t mean nobody was paying attention, though. We certainly have been, and if you call yourself a WWE fan, chances are you have, too. Whether they’ve been given the proper spotlight or not, the best female wrestlers in history were regularly as interesting as the men both inside the ring and out. On a few occasions, the most popular women in WWE came close in popularity to the highest profile wrestlers in the company, and this was during eras when those stars included Hulk Hogan and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

It can be pretty easy to watch a couple episodes of Raw or SmackDown, pick a favorite female wrestler, and call yourself a lifelong fan of the genre. Knowing all the details and truly understanding what happened historically is a different issue altogether, though, and one most fans probably aren’t willing to look into. Don’t let WWE kid you into believing the Women’s Championship was invented in 2016—that baby has been around since the 1950s and it has the history to prove it. If you’d like to test your wits and find out how big of a fanatic you truly, take our test and find out how well you know your favorite WWE Divas.

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