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How Well Do You Know Your Blizzard Games?


If you’ve ever played a video game on your computer, odds are that you’ve heard of the name ‘Blizzard’. If not, Blizzard is the behemoth of the computer gaming industry. It’s the one that has created some of the greatest and most iconic games in gaming history, with millions of people playing one of their games every day.

Blizzard has released numerous games over the decades, but four series have stood head and shoulders above the rest as perfect examples of gaming. There’s the real-time strategy game StarCraft, which has become so popular that its second expansion, Brood War, went 12 years without an expansion.

Then there’s Warcraft, a more ‘fantasy-oriented’ version of StarCraft, which also pits different ‘races’ against one another in an RTS setting that involves careful strategy and key decision-making. Fans loved the Warcraft universe so much that it became the foundation for the Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) World of Warcraft, which has become synonymous with gaming culture, for better or worse.

Also on the RPG side of things is the Diablo series, a collection of dark, hack-and-slash dungeon crawlers involving terrifying monsters and powerful fantasy characters.

Finally, on the more ‘realistic side’ is a modern first-person shooter called Overwatch. This last game marked a drastic change from Blizzard’s previous themes, but they’ve still managed to create a masterpiece in Overwatch, as it too was critically acclaimed by video game enthusiasts.

All of Blizzard’s game have rich stories, incredible details, have won numerous awards, and have had an enormous impact on pop culture. So the question you need to ask yourself now is, how well do you know your Blizzard games?

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