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Test Your Knowledge About X-Men’s Wolverine


Wolverine is one of the biggest characters in the Marvel Universe. As far as the X-Men go, he might actually be the biggest. He has countless comic books and graphic novels that center around him and only him, and he’s been in all the X-Men movies, usually starring as the leading man. He’s even had several movies that are all about him. He’s gotten to this level for one reason: People love him. He has so many fans it’s almost unbelievable. But what makes him such a likeable character? In many ways, he’s pretty unlikeable! He’s rude, only out for himself, and he struggles to contain his base emotions. But it’s this humanity in him that makes him so relatable to so many people. They say Wolverine is nothing more than an animal, but in many ways he’s more human than any other character in the Marvel universe.

A lot of people claim to be fans of Wolverine, but you’re only a true fan if you manage to answer all of these questions correctly. At least one is guaranteed to stump you. And if you’re someone who likes Wolverine but doesn’t know much about him, now is your chance to learn some awesome tidbits about this amazing mutant. And if you hate Wolverine and don’t really want to know more about him, maybe there’s some information here that will change your opinion of him… You never know. There’s something in this quiz for everyone! Bring a friend, and see who gets the better score!

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