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How Well Do You Know WWE’s Attitude Era?


Some wrestling fans see it as the most cutting edge exciting time in the history of wrestling while others see it as the darkest days when wrestling fed upon itself and turned into a carnival sideshow of sleaze. However you feel, there is no debating the Attitude Era of World Wrestling Entertainment was certainly the most controversial of the company’s history. It was actually the beginning of this era when the company changed its name from World Wrestling Federation after being found in violation of a lawsuit settlement with the wildlife organization.

After Ted Turner purchased the National Wrestling Alliance territory known as Mid-Atlantic Wrestling and turned it into World Championship Wrestling, signed away a bunch of former WWF wrestlers and launched Monday Nitro starring the New World Order as counter-programming to Monday Night Raw wrestling was about to change forever. Vince McMahon, seeing his family’s legacy about to fade away forever, decide to throw down the gauntlet and shake things up like never before.

Gone were the familiar tropes of good guys vs. bad guys. Suddenly, women had a place on the show, but their clothes weren’t always present. Four-letter words and lewd gestures appeared and being an upstanding citizen was no longer cool. Borrowing liberally from ECW, Vince McMahon took on WCW in what would become known as the Monday Night Wars with shock programming to make Howard Stern and Jerry Springer proud. Whether you were there or simply have seen in chronicled on the network, you know what a crazy time in wrestling history it was…or do you? How well do you know WWE’s Attitude Era?

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