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How Well Do You Know TV’s Gotham?


Gotham is an origins type TV series that airs on the FOX Network. We shouldn’t have to tell you about the significance of Gotham City, but we will in case you live in a cave … a BAT cave.

Gotham is the city that is home to Bruce Wayne, the billionaire who faces his inner demons surrounding the brutal murder of his parents by quenching his thirst for justice as Batman. While a young Bruce Wayne is a character in the series, the show focuses more on the future Police Commissioner of Gotham City, James Gordon. We also get to witness the growth and development of some of Gotham’s most infamous villainous such as; The Penguin, The Joker, and The Mad Hatter, among many others.

However, you can bet that we will eventually see Bruce Wayne become Batman much like we watched Clark Kent grow into becoming Superman in Smallville. We have drafted this fun little quiz for you to see; How Well Do You Know TV’s Gotham?

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