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How Well Do You Know True Blood?


When True Blood first premiered on HBO in 2008, it tapped into a huge fan base that was ready to delve back into their fascination with vampires. While Buffy the Vampire Slayer had her moment in the limelight, it had been some time since vampire fans got an in-depth vampire story told for TV audiences. The series was based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries by the famed author, Charlaine Harris, and already had some interest overseeing the characters come alive on the small screen. The premiere of this HBO series came the same year that the very first Twilight film was released in theaters and was perfectly timed to tap into all the vampire fans of the world.

The series spoke to women drooling over the hot vampires and shirtless werewolves but also enticed male viewers that enjoyed the numerous sex scenes and action-packed storylines. Anna Paquin became a huge favorite as the telepathic blonde waitress and Alexander Skarsgård quickly transitioned onto the big screen as the newest leading man in Hollywood. The series ended in 2014, having lasted an impressive seven seasons. There were a few negative critiques over the way the storyline evolved over the years since the HBO adaptation drastically strayed from the book series. However, there were some that appreciated that the storyline wasn’t exactly the same as the books. This left viewers constantly wondering what would happen next and what would happen to all of the favorite characters of the show. While there were those that dropped out of watching the series after a few unappealing seasons, there were others that remained truly loyal to the show. Check out our quiz on how well you know True Blood and see whether or not you can call yourself a true fan of the series.

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