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How Well Do You Know These Iconic Star Wars Scenes?


Star Wars is one of the most iconic franchises in modern history. What started off as a small project by George Lucas, one that many people thought wouldn’t even break even because of how absurd it was, has since become a global phenomenon that has gone far beyond simple cinema and geek culture.

Elements of the Star Wars saga have become commonplace in today’s popular culture. Images, costumes, catchphrases, and entire tropes from the Star Wars films can now be found in Western pop culture.

Many films have referenced or made tribute to Star Wars in one way or another. Some films have become straight parodies of the entire film saga. In fact, there’s even a cathedral in Washington, DC that bears Darth Vader’s visage on it, because it was decided that Vader’s iconic look is the very definition of evil.

How did a film series that started off so badly that there were fears the film was doomed to fail, become such a huge hit? What segments and scenes did fans love so much that George Lucas managed to become a billionaire off of this one franchise?

In the pages ahead, we’ll look at some of these famous segments, and you’ll be challenged to test your knowledge of the most iconic sci-fi franchise of all time.

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