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How Well Do You Know These Foreign Hollywood Actors?


It is said that art has no religion, no country, no boundary, and no citizenship to that effect, either. And that holds true for all art forms, including but not limited to the performing and dramatic arts, like acting. That said, the sculptors of this art form i.e. the actors themselves may not be limited to territorial boundaries, but most certainly do have their roots belonging to somewhere other than Hollywood, even if their hearts conflictingly belong to others.

So sure, Hollywood does stereotype some countries every now and then but unlike Trump, Hollywood beckons one and all with open arms – and considers them solely on their talent and skills rather than their race, skin color, or ethnicity. For Hollywood and its casting directors, as well as for the audiences, the actor needs to belong to the role; his or her country or citizenship is immaterial. If the actor can play out his character, down to the accent and idiosyncrasies, the audience does not care which piece of land he or she originates from.

And many times, we don’t even know that the actor portraying that American character is in fact not American at all. Hollywood churns out stars and these stars can be American, Canadian, British, European, Asian, or from just about anywhere. So here’s a quiz for you: do you know the roots of your favorite stars? Or do you think they are all American? See if you can guess the birthplace or citizenship of these awesome actors that made you forget that they were not American-born at all!

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