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How Well Do You Know These 2016 News Stories?


2016 was a bit of a yo-yoing year – bringing good and bad news with it in equal amounts. Trying to view the glass as half full, we will not talk about the negativity (much). In this quiz, we will test your knowledge and awareness of the world around us, to see if you noticed the smaller stories hiding behind the screaming headlines in the papers we read, and the websites we frequent.

Behind every big story, there’ a smaller yet equally important bit of news that should get the same amount of flashbulb attention, but rarely ever does. Sometimes, it’s a bittersweet detail, but mostly a heartwarming one that can make us look at the world in a happier state of mind.

The undeniable fact is the media has fully realized that the more titillating the headline, or the more juicy dirt unearthed, the more it is read by all. Even so, while these news stories or details may not have made the front page, they are sweet and carry a heartwarming weight with them. So here goes a quiz that you may score badly at, but will still leave you with a positive outlook for 2017. If all this happened, the world cannot be all that bad now, can it?

Do spread the happiness by sharing this on social media and letting your friends and family know that 2016 was a good year after all.

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