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How Well Do You Know The X-Files?


Over the course of 202 episodes and nine seasons, The X-Files sprouted from a cult hit to essential viewing. That status changed around the time the show began its third and most well-reviewed season, spreading out episodes into a sprawling mythology peppered with standalone hours in between. That format has inspired a lot of television shows today. Often, a show will have an overall mystery at its core, but the characters are forced to interrupt their investigation to focus on other aspects of their crime solving/monster hunting job.

The most obvious X-Files-inspired show is Supernatural, a similarly themed show that presents a main villain each season, but has its characters get sidetracked fighting unrelated monsters. Supernatural also has the same kind of die hard fanbase. It’s currently on its twelfth season and has been renewed for a thirteenth.

Whether you think The X-Files squandered a lot of goodwill it built up in later seasons that confused or contradicted previous mythology, there was no question that, in its time, the show was a powerhouse, driven by the chemistry between its two leads and crackerjack writing. Many of the show’s writers went on to bigger and better things, still working in television today.

The show concluded and announced an abbreviated tenth season last year and plans for an eleventh are in the early stages.

But just how well do you remember it? Are you a fan who attended conventions and wrote fanfiction or were you just a casual viewer? Find out here.

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