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How Well Do You Know The Weasley Family?


The Weasley family is one of the most prominent in the wizarding world. They play a major role in JK Rowling’s, Harry Potter books. And it’s not all about Ron either. There are many other Weasley siblings and relatives of Harry’s best friend that are all very active within the plot of the series. You could even say that the Weasley family is Harry’s family, too. After all, they pretty much adopt him, and it’s not like the Dursleys care about him. So if we see them as Harry Potter’s family, they are basically the biggest and most important family in the entire series.

I remember the wonder I felt when I first read the chapter where Harry comes across Ron Weasley’s house. It was the first time readers got to see what the average wizarding family was like, and it was fascinating. Going into detail about the Weasley family really helped flesh out the entire wizarding world. and it gave much more depth to the universe that Rowling was trying to create.

So how closely were you paying attention? Has it been a long time since you read the books? Or are you a die-hard fan that knows just about everything about Harry Potter? Whatever the case, you’re sure to be tested with this quiz about everyone’s favorite magical family: the Weasleys.

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