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Are You A TGIF Know-It-All? Prove It!


T.G.I.F sitcoms were a series of four thirty-minute-long shows that aired on Friday nights each week. There were dozens of shows that were at one time or another part of the lineup, although when most people think of T.G.I.F., they remember shows like Full House, Step by Step, Boy Meets World, and Family Matters, which were among the longest-running TGIF shows. They were shows that were cheesy and family-friendly, but somehow kept us looking forward to those two hours on Friday night all week long. There was just something about them that was so good. Nowadays, there is not entertainment like that, nothing so successful that teaches family values and does not include sex, violence, and other such things.

Did you partake in T.G.I.F. way back when? If so, do you think you paid enough attention to kick this quiz’s butt? Put your knowledge and your memory to the test, and see just how well you do. You may be surprised at how much you can remember from some of your favorite shows.

We used to say, “Thank God its Friday!” Now we can say, “Thank God for the internet!” If you bomb this quiz, at least you’ll be able to find old episodes somewhere to re-watch, unlike back then when, if you missed a show, you had to wait forever to see it in a re-run. So after this, you may be patting yourself on the back, or searching online to brush up on your TGIF trivia. Good luck, and go!

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