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How Well Do You Know The Simpsons Kids?


The Simpsons is the longest running episodic, prime-time, network show in history. The yellow family is on their 28th season and has aired over 600 episodes.

Homer Simpson is a bumbling and foolish slob who has a good heart. Marge is the mom with the really big hairdo, and typically a gentle soul; unless provoked by Homer.

The true stars of the Simpson family are the Simpson kids. Bart is the mischievous one of the bunch and has a problem with authority. Lisa is even more kind and caring than her mother and she loves to play her saxophone as much as Bart loves riding his skateboard. Maggie is the stumbling, binky-sucking baby.

Bart and Lisa have your typical sibling rivalry but deep down inside they love one another. We have witnessed their quarrels and their touching moments as Maggie usually helplessly watches.

In many instances, the Simpsons represent the typical American family. This may be why they enjoy such success and remain popular after nearly three decades.

Our quiz will focus on the three Simpson children; Bart, Lisa, & Maggie.

Come inside and have a seat on the infamous and comfy Simpsons family couch as you see; How Well Do You Know The Simpson Kids?

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