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The Simpsons: How Well Do You Know Springfield’s Favorite Family?


As the longest-running animated program in the U.S., The Simpsons is a series that every American has seen at least one episode of in their lifetime. In fact, since Time magazine named the show the best thing on TV in the 20th century, it’s inevitable that you’ve seen more than just one episode. Everyone seems to have their own favorite character and episode, not to mention, their favorite Halloween special.

Because the series has become a huge part of popular culture, it has incorporated the voices of some of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry, as well as themes from other hugely popular shows. It has become such a mainstay in today’s society that fans have to wonder which celebrities haven’t been depicted on the show as an animated version of themselves. While other TV shows have come and gone, The Simpsons have soldiered on year after year. Obviously, the characters have changed over the years since the animation doesn’t look as primitive as it did in the late ‘80s when the series was first introduced to audiences. Yet, the characters, themselves, have pretty much remained the same. Everything that fans have loved about Bart, Lisa, Marge, Homer, and the entire Simpsons gang has remained true to the very beginning of the series. Whether you’re a serious Simpsons junkie or were just obsessed during a particular season, check out our list of whether or not you truly know this Fox series and see how well you know The Simpsons.

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