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How Well Do You Know The Saw Movie Franchise?


Having your jaw ripped open by an improvised reverse bear trap must be something many moviegoers could relate to. Based on the success of this film series, being offered a strange moral choice to avoid some disfiguring or deadly fate struck a chord with people. The unique nature of the first Saw film set it apart from other generic horror flicks just as A Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween had done decades earlier. It is a must see for horror fans. It is even looked upon favorably when compared to many well-received movies in non-horror genres.

Unfortunately, like those others, initial success lead to excess and a slew of ill-conceived sequels sprang out of a tremendously original idea. The traps became more elaborate at first but soon appeared contrived and even silly. The characters stopped being developed and were written simply to explain and experience more of the torture devices. Still, audiences paid for tickets. As of this writing, there have been seven installments in this series: Saw 1-6 and Saw 3D: The Final Chapter with an eighth installment, Saw: Legacy, due out this fall. A few questions about each will reside here. So, buckle yourself into the automatic mutilation device of your choice and see what you can remember about the original torture-porn saga.

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