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How Well Do You Know The Office?


Normally you’d make excuses not to go into work, unless you count your regular visits to Scranton, Pennsylvania and the offices of Dunder Mifflin! Lucky for you, this is a chance to let your knowledge of The Office shine in one of the most difficult and detailed quizzes available. You can now prove that you are the Regional Manager instead of the Assistant to the Assistant Regional Manager!

Even though the show ended in 2013 after nine glorious seasons, it’s never quite left us thanks to its stellar writing, hilarious cast members, and ability to find the funny in the everyday. As the show that made Steve Carell a movie star and had Jim and Pam give us unrealistic relationship expectations, The Office has been one of the most quotable TV shows in recent memory. When the actors take turns writing and directing, you get a show that doesn’t just make you laugh, but it also makes you think and feel. So, pull up the chair that Michael finally let you have (after he spent ages looking for a new one for himself) and test your knowledge on all things Dunder Mifflin!

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