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How Well Do You Know The MCU?


The MCU has been going strong for nearly ten years. Marvel has seemingly found a way to incorporate many of their famous comic book stories on the big screen with enough additions to offer a fresh take. With each installment this universe seems to expand, simulating the feel of the actual comics, where characters cross over frequently and their dynamics build over time.

In 2017, we are going to have the pleasure of three MCU movies come out (as opposed to the usual two), and there’s likely to be tons of information and depth added to the franchise as a result.

The only problem with having such a massive world is that it gets a bit difficult for people to keep track of everything, such as which movie takes place when and how they all fit in the larger timeline. Like most things, there are many people who are up to the challenge and can effortlessly piece together events from the MCU films.

If you’re one of those people, we’d like to test you on your MCU knowledge. This will go beyond just when the movies took place, but get down into some of the minor details about Marvel’s greatest films.

How well do you know the MCU?

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