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How Well Do You Know The Malfoy Family?


The Malfoys are some of the most interesting people in all of the Harry Potter books and movies. They are the clear antagonists throughout the series, although they are far from clear-cut, one dimensional evil people. They have a rich and deep history that is well-thought out and incredibly detailed. Although the books focus on Harry Potter and his friends, the Malfoys are always lurking within the book’s pages, constantly being mentioned and referenced. In fact, they may have been the most mentioned family in the books, aside from maybe the Weasleys. Draco plays a huge role in all of the books and films, and is probably the fourth biggest character after Ron and Hermione.

The Malfoys are not exactly what they seem. While they are undoubtedly cold and self-aggrandizing, they are also very emotional and loving people. They care deeply for one another, and family is of huge importance to them. By the end of the series, J.K. Rowling actually succeeds in making us feel sorry for Draco, who has become hopelessly embroiled with a dangerous group of people he is clearly disillusioned by. Their true colors show at the story’s finale, and it’s one of the most compelling additions to an already incredible plotline.

The story of Harry Potter would not have been the same without the Malfoys. Harry needed a rival to make his time at Hogwarts interesting, and Draco filled that role perfectly. At first he seems like a typical rich, spoiled brat, but in time his character develops wonderfully. As some readers learned more and more about Draco, they couldn’t help but secretly start rooting for the arrogant Slytherin student. And I must confess, I was one of those readers…

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