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How Well Do You Know The Kids From Modern Family?


Sure, most of them are now technically not kids anymore, but it’s the younger members of the cast that have kept Modern Family going for nearly a decade. If it wasn’t for the Dunphy and Pritchett children, it would just be a show about some very disturbed adults. Having children helps frame their insanity.

Maybe young ladies are now starting see Nolan Gould and Rico Rodriguez the way that men have been looking at Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland for a few years now. It’s not so much that they are a Modern Family, but they are a heck of a good looking family. Sure, there are the younger kids, but the show is going to be long off the air before they can cash in on good looks, if they’re even lucky enough to grow into them. The four older kids got the timing just right.

We’ve watched them grow from awkward teenagers into young adults, but how much do you remember about their characters and how much do you really know about them in real life? Yes, it’s easy enough to gawk at pictures of Ariel Winter or wonder if Nolan Gould can possibly be as stupid as the character of Luke Dunphy, but what do you really know? It’s not like you can’t find the show on 500 times a day in reruns. Prove to us you’re as smart as you think you are. How Well Do You Know the Kids From Modern Family?

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